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Mother Teresa for President and Patch Adams as her running mate?

Now I will be honest, I am not a church going kind of girl.  I could never wrap my mind around how some people could be right and the other’s wrong with regard to their religious faith or whether there … Continue reading

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So Tell Me What Can You Buy For $1.09?

So tell me what can you buy for $1.09? “Not much” would be the typical answer to this question for most people. I can tell you the answer for me is different…at least today.  Let’s take a little step back … Continue reading

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A Birthday Letter To Charlotte Rose

I suppose like most grandmother’s I waited for the day my daughter would tell me I was going to get a new title other than “Mom”. When it finally did happen I cried and laughed and probably jumped up and … Continue reading

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Daffodils in February

As I left for work this morning a beautiful site caught my eye.  A large patch of daffodils had bloomed overnight. I stopped for a minute just watching how they swayed in the morning breeze, waving hello…its February when cold … Continue reading

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The Introduction of Simple Changes

There is no doubt about it, change is HARD…for some, excruciating…but on the other side of the coin, without it we would never be so inclined to improve those things that drag us down.  Lately I have had many health … Continue reading

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When my youngest daughter Haley was 5 years old she became utterly infatuated with horses and fell madly in love. “Why”, I asked myself, would this small child fall in love with such a large majestic animal at such a … Continue reading

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Drivers Ed ~ A Rite of Passage

If you look up the meaning of “rite of passage” as I recently did, it will tell you that a rite of passage is a ritual event that marks the progression of a person from one status to another in their life. Further it’s … Continue reading

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Catching Memories With Fish Tales

Growing up my father always tried to make sure we had opportunity to go on a little vacation during the summer each year. We would take the two and a half hour trip “down the shore” to Wildwood, NJ in … Continue reading

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A “sign” from Mr. Ike

Sorry this took so long to post, I wrestled with the possible heaviness of my words but after a short internal battle, my heart won. So here it is…read it, weep, maybe learn a lesson then invite some people over … Continue reading

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A Reason to Celebrate!

First I want to apologize for being technically challenged! Blogging is NOT as easy as it seems but I have found good support though my children! LOL  Well, here it is, my second blog, this time with recipes. PLEASE try … Continue reading

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