A Special Kind of Genius

I was craving a little snack one day in work and wandered on over to the vending area with a growling tummy and dollar bill in hand. I rounded the corner and stood in amazement viewing this site.



I am not sure who the first person was or number two for that matter (you can almost reason with their thought  “maybe I’ll be luckier”) but number three? Now THIS takes a special kind of intelligence…

Obviously I saved my dollar…my grumbling stomach wasn’t a problem anymore since the urge to hit the ladies room was so overwhelming at this point, I felt like I was going to wet my pants from laughing so hard. I snapped the shot above on my cell and headed back to my desk.  After discussing this vision of brilliance with a coworker we decided this was in fact proof of the reason we feel like odd man out every day.

I resumed working and by the time lunch rolled around I had completely forgotten the experience. (I try not to hold onto things for too long…even if they are funny)

Again I approach the vending area for a bottled water to go with my lunch and just when you think you have experienced the epitome of intelligence and common sense, there are a select few (I like to think the more competitive types) that will one up the situation…

Names have been removed to protect the...less intelligent?

Names have been removed to protect the…less intelligent?

GO AHEAD AND COUNT THEM! There are 4 more than there were earlier in the day! SERIOUSLY? No I mean SERIOUSLY? (it was worth asking twice)

Notice the amounts?  These totals suggest they tried more than once, they didn’t give up, nuh uh, nope, nodda, NO WAY! Nobody is gonna accuse them of lacking  drive, determination and will. See the blue and orange notes that are side by side? SAME PERSON! AND considering the average price for an item was around .65 cents in this particular machine…YOU DO THE MATH! We have quite the determined crew…

Think Einstein’s famous quote here…

“Insanity is doing the same thing again and again expecting different results.”

I will tell you the funniest thing to me though is that they weren’t embarrassed to post these bits of documented brain farts all over the machine!

If snack machines are any indication of intelligence, you have failed the employment test and as Donald Trump would say…“YOU’RE FIRED!”

As always “Treat your family like friends and your friends like family”...unless of course they exhibit this kind of intelligence….then it’s alright to commit them…


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6 Responses to A Special Kind of Genius

  1. It’s bad enough they posted their lack of intelligence for the world to see, but then to include your name and office # as if the vending machine guy is going to take the time to walk around the building to return your money….dear lord.

  2. Connie Bold says:

    maybe they expected different outcomes each time they put $$ in the machine…..really??????? too funny…….

  3. Kellee says:

    Oh my gosh….this has me cracking up! Any from the 6th floor?

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