The Grand Goddess Turns Two!


There is something very special about turning two…you are no longer an infant, and over a period of 12 months between the age of one and two, the world becomes your oyster and you become the pearl.

My Grand Daughter Charlotte turned two yesterday. What a gem she is and what an exciting year of growth and fun it’s been for the rest of us. Her presence in a room can change the whole energy. Watching her learn new things reminds me of the simplicity of life and not to take it to seriously.


It must be something to be able to show up somewhere and change the way things are…always for the better. She is the charm on my life necklace that gives me the strength and knowledge that life does indeed go on therefore I should live in the moment, because in the next it is gone with only memories left remaining. She is the magical little genie from the bottle that granted all those wishes I never knew I had. Who knew that this pure genuine source of light and love could do all of this?


February is usually a month that most people view as boring. The holidays are over, the wind down of January is past and we are yearning for signs of new life in everything that spring has to offer. But for me it’s the month I reflect on what is right with the world in the absence of constant motion and how the months of fall bring every year to a close. It is also the month my Charley Girl was born.


The blessing of her birth gave our family a renewal of spirit. Life begins all over every February because of this little angel. I cannot thank the big guy upstairs enough for this gift. The only way to honor him is by documenting the gratitude I feel and to leave her a message she can go back to when she needs to know how special and loved she really is…I hope you enjoy this look into the past year of her life and somehow  it makes you feel better and renewed as well. Love, Kathy

Remember “Treat your family like friends and your friends like family”

Dear Charlotte,

You are now two years old, my how time flies. You are the sweetest baby girl a grandmother could ask for and a blessing to everyone whose path you cross. From family and friends to people in the grocery store you have the ability to extract a smile from everyone.

We call you by many nick names like Mudgie, Nut and Charley Girl but my favorite is “The Grand Goddess” because that is exactly what you are to me.

You have started to make some friends like Stella and Mia from preschool.


But your best friend right now is Pumpkin. Together you go on many adventures and pal around with each other every day. Pumpkin keeps guard over you from breakfast (hmmm, I wonder why?) to bed time. You have even been on a picnic under the couch.

523837_10151889720020532_351713666_n 541206_10151529895140532_1714598602_n


You are still so very affectionate, I carry the feeling of your hugs around my legs, everywhere I go…it makes my heart smile. You are quick to hug and spread your love and light. When asked for a kiss you offer up your cheek and do a little foot pop behind you. You are absolutely adorable.



IMG_7198 IMG_7203

This year you started talking to us and telling us what’s going on in your world. You have favorite toys like the Minnie Mouse doll Mommy and Daddy bought you and you refer to her as “Mimmie with a bow”. You have Mommy and Daddy wrapped around your little finger and a slew of other’s in line behind them, indeed a Grand Goddess.


You love all your penguin toys like the one Grandma Alice and Grandpa Al bought you back from their cruise and the dancing penguin that Doonie bought you when he recognized your love for penguins or as you call them “Nee Nee’s”. You are also so much more active this year and have learned to tell us exactly what you are doing using words like “jump”, “I kick”, “bounce” and “catch”.


You are funny too! When Aunt Haley was changing your diaper the other day, she asked you “Wew, kiddo! What did you eat?” (more of a rhetorical question of course) and you chimed up “Pizza!” Aunt Haley laughed so hard, you are her favorite person in the world and you make her feel the same way…you call her “He” and smile a mile wide when someone mentions her name.

In the summer (2012) you spent two weeks at the beach. One week with Grandma Alice, Grandpa Al and Daddy’s family and one week with Mom Mom, Doonie, Uncle Ian and Aunt Haley. You were such a good girl on the beach and played in the sand all day. You never complained. You even went on your first boat ride in the ocean and we all loved hearing your little feet pattering on the tile floor in the cottage every morning. You made our vacation complete.

309373_10151941911625532_1115176711_n 311602_10151953912290532_89006448_n 480604_4412424074152_1855947063_n 600088_4415169862795_561908378_n

We took a trip to the aquarium and you had a blast. We thought you  may be scared since it was a little dark in there, but once in the door you ran around with your fists pumped up in the air and pointing to all the sites. Aunt Haley and Uncle Ian had you jumping in the fake pond to see the water ripple and the fishies move and Doonie held you up so you could put your hands in the water where the sting rays were. You had ice cream at the end of the day that you really enjoyed, begging for more when Mommy or Daddy would pull it away from you. You bought the sunshine to the beach baby girl.



In October Mommy and Daddy took you to the state fair and you gobbled corn on the cob and other goodies until you were so sugar shocked you started waving furiously at everyone saying “Hiya, Hiya!” Daddy took you on the carousel and you slept like a log on the way home.

66135_10152184386840532_1997017181_n 47246_10152184382050532_1179461761_n


You are such a big girl! You even attended your first walk for charity in honor of Aunt Julianna. We got such a kick out of your cute outfit.

375846_10152177061520532_503386632_n 602335_10152177280925532_1458208555_n

Mommy made you an adorable owl costume for Halloween and you refused to wear it. Grandma Alice was looking at it one day and you wagged your little finger at her and started chanting “No, no, no!” You made her laugh and when she tells that story I think she loves you even more every time. The funniest part is that you went to a friend’s Super Hero party and wore the cape they made for you the whole time!…and for weeks after.



On Halloween you went to your toy box and selected a panda hat to wear instead, so Mommy just put on your black jacket and white pants and you enjoyed the night trick or treating with your friends as the cutest Panda ever to celebrate candy collection. You have established that you have a mind of your own and you wear Panda well…we kinda like that.

66588_10152224679325532_1388817584_n 46047_10152246847145501_2118183735_n 29418_10152224686245532_239442924_n

In early November you took your first airplane ride with Mommy and Mom Mom to go visit our relatives up North in Philadelphia.


You got to meet Tootsie and Pop, Doonies parents for the first time. Tootsie loves looking at all of your pictures on facebook every day now…your silly faces make her happy, especially the “stink eye”.

The stink eye

The stink eye



We stayed at Granny and Pop’s house (Mom Mom’s mommy) and all of Mommy’s cousins and Aunts came to see you. It was a blast, you were the highlight of everybody’s day. When we landed at the airport both times you belly laughed, almost to say “let’s do that again”. You made it a perfect trip.

284243_10152109366010532_299992805_n 260112_10152109370495532_1065506433_n

During the holidays Mommy and Daddy held a Hanukkah party and you had a blast playing dreidel and winning gelt with your little friend Lance. We sang songs, lit the menorah and opened presents all of which made you clap. Mommy and Daddy made delicious food too. Your sweet light shined brighter than the menorah, you can illuminate a room with your presence and there is no better place to stand than in your light.


530499_10152319556745532_1716274044_nOn Christmas Eve you came over and spent the evening at Mom Mom and Doones house. You opened presents in the morning and we played all day in our jammies with all of your new toys…you got lots of art supplies including an easel and some cooking utensils that you proceeded to use to prepare foods you said were “hot” and blew on them for us to cool them down. Thank you sweet girl, we really could have burned ourselves. Doonie bought you a giant bear that you referred to as “Poop” for about two months, thank goodness you are calling him “Teddy” now!

char christmas 2012

58221_10152415493850532_615632258_n 321436_10152436827795532_960201738_n

You started preschool this year too and your teacher Samantha just adores you. She says you love to color and draw at the art table and all the other kids just love you because you are sweet and kind to everyone. When anyone mentions Ms. Samantha’s name you say “I pay” meaning you “play” when you are with her. And when your name is mentioned, all the kids run and give you a hug.

68259_10152274822915532_1166261578_n 21812_10152274823285532_181519007_n

536563_10152262365540532_198482152_n 61234_10152262366130532_28622762_n

You love shoes and dresses but you also love your Hello Kitty boots, especially when it rains and you get to go puddle jumping with Mommy.



The very spirit of Charlotte Rose, notice the sun beam from the right shining on her. It is almost to say God is watching and saying "take notice to all of the good I have created."

The very spirit of Charlotte Rose, notice the sun beam from the right shining on her. It is almost to say God is watching and saying “take notice to all of the good I have created.”

You have the best Mommy and Daddy in the world.

jackie and jason

Mommy takes you everywhere, you are her little side kick.



When it comes to eating you love rice, or as you call it “ice”, beans and berries. You are a great eater and love all your veggies. You even like spicy Thai food…just like Mommy.

When it comes to entertaining you Mommy’s ipad is your favorite toy and boy are you ever good at using it. You call it “pad”.  When we were in synagogue you saw little symbols on the back of the song book and tried to scroll and click on them. This made us all laugh. Grandma Alice thinks its hilarious that every time you see the Target store logo you press it like it’s a game app icon and look at her like, “why is it not working?”

522842_10152176743905532_2040172185_n 427204_10152541206545532_1551924492_n 299968_10152320983190532_317732797_n

Although I would like your life to be filled with nothing but happiness there are times when things happen we cannot control. Like when we lose someone we love.

The most important thing we can do is remember them with love and all the great memories that we shared. This year your great grandmother (Daddy’s grandmother) went to heaven. Her name was Paula Scher but you called her “Nana” and what a great Nana she was. Nana was a tiny lady with a beautiful soul just like you and she loved you very much. When you would visit Nana she would sing to you and smile while you were on her lap. This made Nana’s heart very happy! She, like everyone else just adored you.


This Sunday (the 24th of February 2013) we celebrated your 2nd birthday and threw a tea party for you. Mommy made wonderful chocolate cupcakes with dark cherry icing from scratch and lady bug cherry tomato bites with onion cream on cucumbers and crackers. Mom Mom decorated chocolate brownies with icing flowers and made trays that looked like a flower garden and Aunt Haley made you pink strawberry chocolate chip cookies and her very special strawberry tarts with fresh cream.

285725_3305075551248_1695702063_n 525403_10152590952930532_509942099_n 382277_3305076311267_800340866_n

We did add in some healthy food too like fruit salad with honey lime dressing, and the lovely veggie tray that Grandma Alice’s cousin Rachel made. Mom Mom made spicy deviled eggs and Mommy made Chicken salad cups with tart apples…it’s no wonder you like to eat!  Grandma Alice brought in bunches of fresh flowers for her special baby girl and Grandpa Al once again brought the biggest smiles ever…how could he not? You are perfect to us.

862469_10152589587350532_1915844681_n (1) 522568_10152590956355532_604664456_n

You enjoyed the day with everyone, circulating the room like a little bumble bee pollinating us with your kisses and bringing a whole new life to our hearts. I cannot tell you how much you are loved and how grateful we all feel to be a part of your life.


Happy, Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.

Love, Mom Mom


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  2. Charlotte is certainly blessed!

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