It’s that time again… a recap of a very special birthday

Last year this time I wrote the following blog to my granddaughter Charlotte Rose for her first birthday. I am sitting here right now on the night of her second birthday drafting another letter to tell her how much I love her and that we look at HER as a gift every February 25th. This year has been a year of wonderful changes and I simply cannot wait to see what unfolds this coming year.

At this point when my daughter’s cell phone rings Charlotte starts yelling Mom Mom, Mom Mom! And when she sees me she runs to me, wraps her arms around my leg doing the foot pop with the other leg, hugs me and says awwwe.

We got to spend the whole day with her and our family yesterday to celebrate the big day. I just loved watching her go from person to person spreading her love. As we left to go home she darted from puddle to puddle making sure to make the most of each splash in her Hello Kitty boots that she never takes off…I don’t think that any one of us left feeling the same way we did as when we arrived…almost like a great Sunday Morning sermon that has you leaving the church whistling a hymn.

The very spirit of Charlotte Rose, notice the sun beam from the right shining on her. It is almost to say God is watching and saying "take notice to all of the good I have created."

The very spirit of Charlotte Rose, notice the sun beam from the right shining on her. It is almost to say God is watching and saying “take notice to all of the good I have created.”

This was last year’s letter…tomorrow I will post my tribute for this year to my beautiful shining light that brightens all of our days. I hope you enjoy it if you haven’t read it before. See you tomorrow. Kathy


I suppose like most grandmother’s I waited for the day my daughter would tell me I was going to get a new title other than “Mom”. When it finally did happen I cried and laughed and probably jumped up and down a bit.

The nervous anticipation of my first grandchild’s arrival is now a memory neatly tucked into my minds scrapbook. It’s hard to believe that almost two years has passed since I learned I was going to be someone’s “Mom Mom”. Tomorrow we turn another page, my Charly Girl turns one…

I love this day of technology where I have the opportunity to tell Charlotte Rose how she has changed our lives forever.  Perhaps this seems like one of those things that is better written in an intimate note that she can open on her 18th birthday…I think not.

I want my words in a place where she can access them any time she needs to know how much I love her as she grows up, a place where my daughter and son-in-law (the best you could hope for) can come back to read how they brought a small little angel into the world that changed so many lives for the better, a place where her other side of the family can read how grateful I am that they are able to be her caretakers while her Mom and Dad are off working, a place where my words and my love for her will never be deleted.


Dear Charlotte Rose,

I remember the day that Mommy and Daddy came to my house to give me a gift. It was a small wrapped package that contained a bib that said “I Love Grandma”. I remember standing there in disbelief thinking “could this really be true?” When I realized it was, I laughed and cried all at the same time.  Doone just kept repeating “Ahh that’s GREAT!” and Mommy showed us your ultrasound picture. A small arrow pointed right to where your tiny beautiful baby heart was beating.

Your beautiful tiny beating heart…

Mommy made me call Uncle Ian and Aunt Haley from a friend’s house and tell them to “Come right home!” (They thought they were in trouble for something, Tee Hee)

Uncle Ian came in first. I said “I just wanted to show you what Jackie and Jason brought me today…” That is when I turned the little bib around for him to see.  I don’t think he got it at first… He said “Awww that’s cute”, then his eyes popped out a bit and he asked “really?!” He kept smiling until Aunt Haley got there.

When Aunt Haley came in she asked me why I wanted her to come home so quick.  Your Mommy told her she just wanted her opinion on the gift she and Daddy bought Mom Mom, showing her the bib.  Aunt Haley jumped up and started screaming “Yeah that makes me an Aunt!!!

You made me an Aunt, I love you precious baby…

It also makes you the first grandchild on both sides of your family.

A few weeks later Mommy had another picture of you taken and that is when we found out you were our “Baby Girl Deitch” or “BGD” as you were referred to until your birth.

You were smiling even before you got here and haven’t stopped since.

We had lots of fun planning for your very special arrival…Mommy and Daddy picked furniture for your room, hung pretty satin drapes and Mom Mom came and painted little pink bubbles with ruffly edges up in the corners. Your Mommy’s favorite bear has always been Winnie the Pooh from the time she was a little girl, so Mom Mom painted a small scene from Classic Pooh books onto a canvas that now hangs over your head as you dream at night. We cannot wait until you recognize and talk to the characters…

Classic Pooh just for you.

The next few months of preparation included buying baby items and clothing for our precious sweet girl…Grandmom Alice bought you the most adorable little shoes, we could hardly believe how tiny they were. She gave Mommy some shirts she had made herself when your Daddy was little. What wonderful gifts for such a wonderful baby.

A few weeks before you arrived, Mom Mom, Grandmom Alice, Grandpa Al, Aunt Haley and Aunt Julianna threw a baby shower. It was so much fun. Grandma Alice found a terrific spot and we made lots of special foods, a fancy punch and Mom’s best friend Hillary helped us decorate in lime green and orange. There were vases with lime green gumballs and BIG orange gerbera daisies on the tables and we made a clothes line to hang your little things on. Aunt Haley and Aunt Julianna blew up balloons and Grandpa Al helped with just about everything that day! He had a smile a mile wide on his face ALL…DAY…LONG. His baby girl would soon be here.

We had a second shower after you arrived for Mom Mom’s side of the family. They live far away and you decided you wanted to come a little early since there were so many people waiting for you.

I remember so clearly the day Daddy took Mommy to the hospital. It was sooooo long for all of us that were waiting to meet you.   When Mommy called me she started to cry because her baby daughter had finally arrived safe and sound in her arms. I could hear your cry in the background you sounded like a little lamby, just like Mommy did 28 years before when they placed her in Mom Mom’s arms. Mom Mom, Uncle Ian and Aunt Haley rushed over to the hospital to see you and Grandmom Alice, Grandpa AL and Aunt Julianna were there too. We were ALL so happy.

YOU were the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. They were still checking you out when we arrived so I got the chance to whisper in your ear and tell you how perfect you just made the world…

Today you made the world a better place

Over the past twelve months you have brought us joy beyond what any of us could have ever imagined. You are a sweet, sweet baby. You are affectionate and loving to everyone. You ALWAYS smile and at times are quite the actress, feigning cries to get what you want…its rather funny actually. You sprouted several teeth and are a big girl at the table. You learned to roll, sit up, stand and walk with your baby doll stroller which you never let the baby ride in.

You love your stuffed piggies (like your Mama) and the laughing baby from Uncle Ian. You wave hi and bye, point to your nose and ear and if coaxed will lay your head down cuddling when someone says “Awwww”. When I ask you “who is my sweet girl?” you point to yourself…and you are correct.

You do some things that we think are quite funny. You feed Pumpkin your food and when she is not around you bark like her and wave food over the edge of your chair as if you are going to throw it down for her until Mommy says “No Charlotte”. When giving Doone a big wet kiss on the nose you decided to blow hard instead, making his eyeballs bulge! We laughed so hard. You love playing pat-a-cake with everyone and jumping monkeys on Doone’s lap.

Tomorrow is your birthday sweet little girl and you will be one years old. We are decorating the house for your party and I speak for your whole family when I say we are feeling very blessed to be a part of your life.

Happy First Birthday Charlotte Rose!

Love, Mom Mom

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