Happy Holidays

I first want to apologize to all of you that follow my blog for not posting as promised this month. The member’s of my household were bitten by the flu bug one by one making it impossible to accomplish anything. The intention was to share some ideas for hand made gifts  that would bring back the feeling of Christmas’ past when things were simple and we focused on what they say is “the reason for the season” …true peace, love and joy.

In light of the recent tragedy in Connecticut it is hard for me to continue on and post gift ideas as if nothing ever happened. I find it hard to create anything and be joyful in giving when those families are suffering so. The idea of loss this time of year is something that is very painful and familiar to me and although my losses have been many and difficult, I have never lost a child…the ultimate dagger to the heart.

I am not saying that this holiday should not be filled with love, light and laughter. I am saying though, that we should be filled and sustained with gratitude for the things in our lives that exist already and make every day worth living…our family, friends and people we come in contact with from day to day.

We cannot  unring the bell in the Connecticut situation but moving forward I would ask that in 2013 and beyond you look strangers in the eye and see them as you would your own family and friends. A human presence that represents a beautiful soul with a purpose, whether we know what that purpose is or not. The negative and positive people and situations in our lives serve on varying scales a reason, and let us not forget that when this purpose is served we are made better because of it.

Enter this new year with gratitude and love in your heart and in doing so you have found a way to help these families in such a helpless situation to heal by knowing that their losses are not in vain but have changed the world for the better moving forward.

At this point I would like to extend warmest wishes to all of you for a wonderful holiday season. I hope to see you back next year for more family, friend and food adventures.

And remember, “Treat your family like friends and your friends like family”

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  1. I certainly think that is a splendid way to start the New Year. Maybe we can even get a head start! Hope everyone is feeling better and ready to enjoy the festivities.

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