True talent can bring a smile…

I spent my morning delaying my “to do” list so I could read some truly brilliant writing by  a fellow blogger who writes about my similar preachings of recognizing what’s really important in life. The difference? His comedic spin that kept me entertained through several of his blog entries. So kick back and enjoy a truly talented writer.

From the blog of “The Return of the Modern Philosopher”

His Thanksgiving post (my favorite)

A different take on World Peace

Pertaining to the daily grind:


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5 Responses to True talent can bring a smile…

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words about my silly ramblings. I’m glad you enjoyed what my brain decided to put down on the page. Continued Deep Thoughts to you… 😀

    • fnfkathy says:

      They are well deserved, there is a screenwriter position out there somewhere just waiting for you.

      • I was hoping that this blog might bring some interest to my screenwriting. However, it’s also been incredible fun to see what comes out of my head every day when I sit down to write. Starting this blog has done wonders for the creative process. I’m loving your writing as well. Thank you. 🙂

  2. I am crying at the prince of darkness chit chatting!

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