Dyed eggs, they’re not just for Easter anymore!

Fun night together dying eggs

When my kids were little they loved all the preparation time before the holidays that had us crafting, cooking and baking.  We loved to make things that we could give away as gifts, sell at craft fairs and had guests oohing and ahing at the sight of the holiday table we set.

At 16 he’s into it…and I am grateful


They are a little older now but they still want to be involved in the messy creative stuff. Haley my 14 year old daughter came up with this one the other night. She thought it would be a great idea to dye eggs for Halloween.  I gotta tell ya, when she said it, I was ready to dive into the pantry for some vinegar and food dye right then and there.  We sat at the table mulling over ideas for fun designs and the following are our creations.



Cup O Eyeball egg

Troll egg

Black Cat egg

Monster Duo

If your kids like hard boiled eggs this is a great Halloween display turned fast meal before Trick-or-Treating. Use them as a display on Halloween night when your friends are arriving and you’re getting ready for the festivities, then crack into them as a healthy snack before Trick or Treating.  Get dyeing will ya and if you do send me pics of your creations and I will share them here.

Please share this blog with all your friends and family and remember, “Treat your family like friends and your friends like family”

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10 Responses to Dyed eggs, they’re not just for Easter anymore!

  1. I like this — I have some eggs I inadvertently left out of the fridge overnight–now I know what to do with them

  2. PS- I wont be eating them for a nutritious snack though

  3. This is such a great idea and a healthier alternative to candy treats..LOVE the art work!!

  4. Debbie says:

    Do you need to use special paint? Doesn’t it get on the edible part of the egg when peeling it?

    • fnfkathy says:


      After dying them we used non toxic water color paint to paint the shell and it did not seep into the egg at all. Let me know if you try it, we had a blast…Also, we have some brown eggs cooked and did not have time to do scarecrows on them, but that would have been great fun too, a pumpkin and scarecrow patch.

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