Ponytails and Motorboats

Haley at 5 years old ready for her first day of kindergarten, ever so confident to start a new journey.

Like spring it’s the time of year that brings closure to one season and new beginnings of another. This year my Haley girl, my baby started high school…where has the time gone?

My long haired beauty.

A week before school started she decided she wanted to pull her hair back in a ponytail, lop it off  and and donate it to “Locks of Love“.  I asked her if she thought that was a smart idea since she was ready to start school within a week.  “New school, new friends that have never seen me before so no big deal” was her response. I wish I had been that confident when I was her age… so off to the hairdresser we went and indeed it was a good idea.

The kid can sport any look!

My sweet rosy cheeked baby, now almost a woman, left that morning for her first day with a happy spring in her step thrilled to be turning the page to the newest chapter of her life. Looking like a million bucks she walked down the driveway with her brother to catch the bus on her way to a new adventure. I on the other hand, stood behind the door and cried.

I was happy to see her so willingly accept life’s new challenges wearing a smile with no fear holding her back. On the other hand I was sad to know as that new door opened for her to pass through I stopped at the threshold behind her and watched it close. This to me was the beginning of the end of her childhood. What will be left for me to teach her? Where will she go from here?  And then it hit me…what I really meant was Where will I go from here?”

I was the one that learned a very important lesson from my child that day…look forward not back and approach each phase as a door of opportunity to a new path that is unexplored and wonderful. If it’s not fitting, then change your path with a positive heart and live life only in the moment you are in now. It really is as simple as that.

Dr. Wayne Dyer says “imagine your life as a motor boat you are moving along and you look behind you at the water and all you see is the wake you are creating”.  He asks, “Is the wake responsible for pushing the boat forward?” Of course not, it does not stop the boat either!

It is impossible for your past to hold you from your future, live in the present!

In life if you are not moving forward, it is not your past causing that to happen. Stop telling yourself you “can’t because…” There are no excuses to not live in and create your present. Nothing in your past is holding you up, you are! It is the internal motor that drives the boat forward or stops it, what has happened in the past is now over and has no bearing over your present or future situations. Right this minute is the time to create your life and look forward to all the good in the future. Haley does this well…

She is a leader in my book. As parents we all hope our children will follow in our footsteps ensuring them safety from the world. Right now I am proud and humbled when I say I will attempt to follow in hers. By the look on her face and the confidence she wears easily like a favorite jacket, clearly I have some work to do because there are some pretty big shoes to fill and no excuses left not to tune up the motor and move forward.

As I stood behind the door that day I realized that raising my children was a huge part of my past that I loved and it was time to move forward as each one spread their wings and decided to learn to fly. She just happened to be my last child, my last excuse for not moving forward to find my life purpose and fulfill my dreams.

I hope you will all take a look at your life closely and ask yourself if you are trying to let the wake push your boat or stop it for that matter.  Take some time by yourself to think it over and examine what needs to change. When you do there will be many reasons to celebrate so have a few people over and reward yourself with some down time to rejuvenate and live in the present. Tomorrow is a new day and we get another chance to start all over again. Forgive yourself and move on.

Please share these words with all your friends and family, I guarantee they need to hear it too.  Remember, “Treat your family like friends and your friends like family”

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1 Response to Ponytails and Motorboats

  1. When my son started high school, I started therapy. I was having a very difficult time NOT making excuses. It’s amazing how comfortable we become doing that to ourselves. GREAT post!

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