Mother Teresa for President and Patch Adams as her running mate?

Now I will be honest, I am not a church going kind of girl.  I could never wrap my mind around how some people could be right and the other’s wrong with regard to their religious faith or whether there is a right and a left side. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

I have a strong sense of spirituality, a deep knowing that God is in all of us, especially those considered the least of us. He is the inner voice that guides us to know what is really right in our hearts as we navigate our way through life.

There is a lot of election talk going on right now and frankly I have checked out. I don’t trust or want any of them.  This country is in sad shape, and although we can blame it on many people and things, I think we need to take a strong hard look at what is really going on.  The truth is we are all to blame.

You see there is this thing called personal responsibility that has gone completely out of the window. We have put our lives in the hands of someone else and we have found it very easy to blame them when it doesn’t go so well.  The truth is we should be responsible for ourselves and when there comes a time we cannot be, we should be able to reach out and trust that we will find a hand to grab.

I am not just talking about money or material things. The battles we are seeing now start when we forget to care for each other. When we disconnect ourselves from the source within us that guides us to care and love unconditionally.

Snarky remarks about recipients of government handouts and angry outbursts regarding the cuts that will be made to save the economy will not change a thing.  Our responsibility lies within each and every one of us to make sure no child is left behind in school and no senior citizen or veteran is left uncared for, no matter who’s family they are  part of, black, white, young or old.

There is an old Ojibwa Indian saying:

           “No tree has branches so foolish as to fight amongst themselves. —Ojibwa Indian

It’s time to wake up…we have arrived at the doorstep of a real “Spiritual Revolution” and if we want to win, we must open our eyes and hearts. I hate to think of the consequences if we don’t even try.

I recently heard the following story about Mother Teresa and every time I hear it the hair raises on my arms and the back of my neck…a sure sign of my God’s presence. For this alone she gets my vote for president. The story goes like this…

At a radio station in Phoenix, Arizona Mother Teresa was preparing to talk about the new homeless shelter that was opening up in town.  A representative from the station asked her if she wouldn’t mind doing a full interview about herself and her work, why with the size of the station and it’s audience, the popularity of such a program would be tremendous.  Mother Teresa responded with “I am not much interested in being popular, I would just like to talk about the homeless shelter”.  

The representative replied “But a story like yours would make so much money” to which she replied again that she was not really interested in popularity or money and she just wanted to talk about the opening of the shelter the next day and it’s meaning to the surrounding community. 

The representative completely confused by her response reminded her of the monetary benefits of doing the interview with her and the benefits to the community. He finally asked “Then what CAN I do to help?”

[Every time I hear this humble reply from her, a lump swells in my throat.]

She replied: 

                   “If you really want to do something, go out in the streets of Phoenix at 4 a.m. and find someone who is living there that believes they are alone and convince them they are not.”

As far as I am concerned if we all started looking at things from this angle, our world would experience the change we long to see.

As for Mother Teresa being elected president? Sadly this would be impossible since she passed away in 1997 but if she were alive and kickin’ today, she would have my vote.

A little aside to prove my point…who remember’s the 1998 movie “Patch Adams” about the man who founded the Gesundheit Institute in 1971?

The Gesundheit Institute was and still is dedicated to revolutionizing health care delivery by replacing greed and competition with generosity, compassion and interdependence. In 2010 they were FINALLY able to break ground for their new facility. Please watch.

                                             Learn more at

My hope is that you will vote “Mother Teresa for President” at the very least adopt her way of thinking thus giving her the vote, so we will have hope for a better nation in the future.

Remember, “Treat your family like friends and your friends like family”

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3 Responses to Mother Teresa for President and Patch Adams as her running mate?

  1. This is why I’m so happy that you are back to writing. This is a beautiful reminder of the simplicity of our purpose…kindness.

  2. Beth Scarpello says:

    If only, Kathy! Brilliantly written… like you were in my head, we share many of the same views. I really enjoy reading your blog, thanks for grounding my brain!
    xoxo Beth

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