Ghostly Glasses

I was thinking the other day while we were having a small blast of chilly weather that fall is my favorite time of the year.  The colorful leaves on a walk through the woods, the cooler weather and the smell of warm dishes from the kitchen as well as many other things really raise my spirits.  

Then I realized, I feel this way at the start of every season!  As one ends the beginning of a new one brings hope, joy and lots of reasons to spend time with family and friends.

This past weekend my son Ian, daughter Haley and Ian’s girlfriend Whitney hung out with me in the kitchen while I created the latest and greatest edition’s of appetizer’s from leftovers.  The thrill of doing something a little creative (not to mention with melted chocolate) enabled me to lure them into the kitchen and participate while I worked.

To follow this week, are the recipes I concocted and the cute creations of three very awesome high school volunteers. You should never forego asking your kids to join you in the kitchen. No matter what age they are they still enjoy getting messy and having fun. 

Sweet creations

These frozen drinks can be made from fresh ingredients or store bought drink mixers. Projects like these are an easy way to involve your kids in kitchen activities. Besides, should you have company drop by they’ll be able to pinch hit and prepare while you sit with guests to chat…a sneeky plan indeed!

If you want to add a little somethin’ something’ for the adults, follow the directions on the can.  We mixed them up with no alcohol so we could all enjoy them.

I like to use dark chocolate for most of my recipes but if you like milk chocolate or white chocolate go right ahead. These drinks can be crafted for any holiday or event AND they can be prepared ahead of time.

Write in your guest names, cute polka dots (with milkshake drinks for a baby/bridal shower) or the age of the birthday child, the possibilities are endless!

So get creative!  Send me pics of your creations and I will post them here and give you the braggin’ rights you deserve.

Start with clear glasses (they can be plastic cups)

Start with a set of clear glasses, I used a set of mini’s I bought earlier this year but you can use your regular drink glasses or clear plastic cups to make cleanup easier. 


Break off one or two small sections of your chocolate bar and place in an appropriately sized microwave safe bowl and melt for 15 to 30 seconds at a time until completely melted. 

Using a toothpick, draw your designs on the inside of the glasses.  Let them sit for five minutes or more to solidify.

Mix up your concoctions and pour directly into the glasses. The cold temperature of the beverage will completely set the chocolate so it won’t run or mix in with the drink.

NEVER forget to lick the bowl!

Most importantly remember to lick the chocolate from the bowl when you are through…I repeat, “ALWAYS LICK THE BOWL!”

Stop back tomorrow. I will begin posting the recipes for the num num’s we made from dinner leftovers. The idea is to use what you have available instead of rushing out to the store to buy new ingredients for complicated recipes. If you don’t have all the ingredients, improvise!

And remember…

“Treat your family like friends and your friends like family!”





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  1. These look absolutely delicious along with a great way to have some quality time with the energized teenagers. I must admit I especially like the photo of Ian licking the glass!

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