Daffodils in February

As I left for work this morning a beautiful site caught my eye.  A large patch of daffodils had bloomed overnight. I stopped for a minute just watching how they swayed in the morning breeze, waving hello…its February when cold weather and sometimes ice are the norm here in the south, a time when normally all we see are the dried remnants of the glorious fall colors that have been left behind. I buckled up and took in the small miracle that occurred in the side yard one last time. I wonder who else saw daffodils this morning to start their day off on the right foot. I wonder how many stroll by them without even as much as a second glance. I wonder if in fact they have been here for a few days and I too, have been missing them…

On my way to work I realize the trees also have burst forward with a surprise morning song, shining their pink happy faces like a baby that just woke from an afternoon nap.

I believe that sometimes our lives run at such a clip we forget to look for signs of peace and hope in the small everyday miracles that occur right before us. Just as we are given memories that we may see roses in the winter, our great creator gives us these daffodils in February as a warm sign of hope in a harried world, telling us to not worry as better days are yet to come. If you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, rushed, tired, down and unrewarded, look for the daffodils, they are Angels of hope.

Hello Sunshine!

“Remember to treat your friends like family and your family like friends!”

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