The Introduction of Simple Changes

There is no doubt about it, change is HARD…for some, excruciating…but on the other side of the coin, without it we would never be so inclined to improve those things that drag us down.  Lately I have had many health issues to deal with. Actually it’s been going on for quite a long time and  it’s only recently that my body has screamed so loud I am unable to NOT pay attention.

There is nothing like chronic stomach pain, heartburn, nausea, vitamin deficiencies, skin rashes, exhaustion, cloudy mind, huge weight gain, insomnia, anxiety, (and for good measure let’s throw in depression) as well as a plethora of other aliments to make you stop telling yourself that “nothing is wrong”.

The more doctor’s I visit, medical material I read, test’s and biopsies that I have done, the more frustrated I become. I just spent another week doing all of the above. Oh yeah, and in a week or two I will receive a medical bill for my portion, which in and of itself is enough to make me sick all over again.

Funny, I went to a medium (don’t roll your eyes it was cool) just over a year ago who patted her stomach in the middle of a very emotional session and asked me “what my trouble was here?” I looked at her with confusion and said “no problem”… all she said was “yes there is”…I should have listened but there is nothing more dramatic than an emergency right? RIGHT! I think bleeding ulcers and four days in the hospital via the emergency room is enough.

This is an emergency, actually a crisis of national interest and one I want to talk about very frankly with all of you. Remember the old saying “you are what you eat?” Well I guess that makes me an inflamed biproduct of wheat and sugar. You heard me right, that wasn’t your wine glass talking!

Look, I promise not to go all crunchy granola on you if you promise to hear me out.

You all know by now good food is one of my favorite things in life just under family and friends. I have always tried to bring to the table, organic food when possible, simply because it “seemed” like the right thing to do for my family. At the very minimum I will tell you that the idea of pesticides in my food literally freaks me out. I don’t care what kind of degree the idiot has that tells me “after the chemical dries, it’s fine”.

Did I go completely organic? Nope! I checked out the price difference a few times during a tight budget week and said “meh, same dif!” and threw things into my cart that I shouldn’t have. My pantry is loaded…

Vegetables were a different story. For some strange reason eating a non-organic vegetable (I just typed the word organic and no lie, it came out cognac! Freudian slip perhaps? LOL ) felt like I was taking the poison in a shot, straight up. Crazy I know. Though somehow cruising through the store looking for dinner inspiration must have taken my mind off of the fact that all the crap in the boxes, bottles and cans on the shelves was twice as bad for my health and those I was feeding at my table.

Hey man we all do it…some more than others but no one is beyond being guilty of ignoring the nutrition panel on the label.  Anyway here I sit tonight trying to make light of a serious national epidemic in hope that you will somehow see some truth in what I am saying and along with me make some very important “Simple Changes”.

This mark on the label insures it's organic

To start, look for this label when you shop and buy organic products as much as possible. I know they are more expensive but the bill I will get for that endoscopy I just had after insurance will be in the neighborhood of $800.00. I think that’s enough to offset the organic food budget for the year don’t you think?

Honestly I don’t know what the end results of those tests will be but what I do know is #1) it is definitely food related…how do I know this? Because shortly after I ingest whatever it is that has me feeling this way, almost all of my symptoms return enraged like angry post Christmas shoppers on December 26th that can’t find their correct size. #2) I have read every possible article I could find on all of these same debilitating symptoms and diet is always the main culprit. And #3) Seriously? If you can’t pronounce it when reading a food label and you wouldn’t buy it and put it in your cupboard for dinner, why the hell would you eat it?

(Soapbox Speech)~last one for this post!

Our whole food system has been so over processed that our bodies are revolting against us. Take for instance a friend’s elderly mother. She was buying store bought prepared roasted chicken because she had a limited food budget and could eat for 2-3 days for the $6.00-$7.00 it cost to buy one, she wound up in the hospital for tests due to tummy trouble…the result? Her doctor wanted to know what other physician had put her on antibiotics because her colon was completely filled with them…the cause? Meats pumped with hormones and antibiotics. Antibiotics have a purpose but they also wipe out the good bacteria your body needs to digest food and absorb all the nutrients.  Healthy animals don’t need them or hormones for that matter…and eighth grade girls don’t need double D cups either!  Why does this happen? Because there is so much money in the food business that just like any other political arena, lobbyist get in bed with the food industry and everything goes to hell in a …grocery cart??? Anyway  I could go on and on but I found a good article that you should read. Here is the link, this is only the tip of the iceberg. More to come later because its dizzying being up on this soap box!

So what do you say we take this blog in a little different direction? I will continue to write stories and post recipes. The difference? I will post my progress and the small dietary changes you can make in your household BEFORE tragedy strikes. Give my words some thought and maybe try of few of my suggestions and let me know how you make out. I promise not to make it too painful.  This is not a diet, its my internal GPS “recalculating”, we are no longer following the direction of those that do not have our best interest at heart. Quite simply “the closer to nature the better”.

This doesn’t mean nothing good will hit your plate or snacking is over, how about we just stop using our bodies as a garbage cans?

One of the things we have been doing in our house since the holidays is drinking lots of soda so my very first “Simple Change” is a recipe and video “how to” for Natural Orange soda.  This is something you can make from any citrus fruit or fruit you can juice easily. The best part is you can control the amount of sugar and wein yourself off the tremendous amount of processed ingredients.

So what do you say we start with health first and the weight part will come later.

Recipe for Natural Orange Soda

Healthier Natural Orange Soda

Juice of two (hopefully organic) oranges, my favorite are valencia

The beauty of Nature

Juice of 1/2 to 1 whole blood orange, if available, if not just go with 2 regular and add more of the same if needed for taste

Simple syrup to taste. Simple syrup is sugar and water boiled until its reduced by half thus making it a syrup. Use organic sugar.

Look at the difference in color between the organic sugar and the refined white sugar. I used organic so my syrup is slightly brown but it tastes great!

Seltzer water, I buy cans and find I can get two to threes soda from one can


First step juice the oranges.

Choose you weapon!

There are many different juicers you can use (see pic above) and they all work just fine so use what you have.

Healthier Natural Orange Soda

Now in a tall glass with a few ice cubes pour in a small amount of simple syrup (about 1/2 to one inch). Then pour your juice in and next the seltzer.Watch out it’s…. BUBBLY! Easy Right?

Lemon lime

Next time try lemon lime.

Experiment with different combinations

From left to right, grapefruit, blood orange, orange, lemon and lime. The possibilities are endless. Drink up to better health!

AND just to show that I have a sense of humor despite all my whining…

Remember to treat your friends like family and your family like friends…

P.S. Here’s a quick video on the soda making process. Enjoy!

First FNF video 🙂

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3 Responses to The Introduction of Simple Changes

  1. adultsatires says:


    I myself buy a lot of organic. My rule of thumb is, anything processed is bad regardless if it’s organic. It’s hard work, but a lot of my meals I make from scratch. 🙂

    • fnfkathy says:

      You are correct, just hoping to get people on board to pay attention a little at a time. Say the word organic and most people who eat processed glaze over almost immediately. Wouldn’t it be great to step back about 50 or more years?…at least in the kitchen where you had no choice but to cook from scratch. Thanks for your reply. 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    This is a wonderful expression of Valentine’s Day..the day we celebrate all the love surrounding our lives, now we have information on how we can start loving our bodies by feeding them with thoughtful food decisions! Thank you Kathy for making us AWARE …one step at a time. Not that you had to sell this idea to me, but the $800 bill vs. the Organic food shopping was like being hit with a brick! That analogue should get some much needed attention.

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