Empty Drawers and The Bunco Girls

Table in the dining room

Ahh, the second Thursday of the month, the night when my Bunco group gets together for our monthly night out with each other.  There are twelve regulars in this group plus those that are called in when a substitute is needed. January is my month and I will host twelve women who over the past 12 years have become my friends, cohorts in charity, “partners in crime” (those few shall remain unnamed, LOL) and for all intents and purposes my extended family that I don’t get to see near enough.

First few girls arrived

Over time several have dropped out of the group. Most due to a move caused by the transfer of a husband’s job, a health problem or change in their household schedules or duties thus opening the door for a newbie to enter the group and become a part of this wonderful unending circle of friendship.

As I set up for the evenings gathering I searched the drawers in the dresser I have in the living room for the cloth napkins that match the pretty wine themed appetizer plates and green wine glasses I have set up on the island in the kitchen. Although I am not required to go all out for Bunco night, I like to make it feel somewhat special for them as they are all worth spending the extra time to wash a few cloth napkins and a small sink of dishes. There is not one woman in the group that wouldn’t extend her hand or heart for any of the others when needed. I mention in every post that we should all “treat friends like family and family like friends”. This group is the epitome of that concept.

Special plates, glasses and cloth napkins for special friends...

I opened the first drawer at the top of the dresser and amongst other items I find the remote from our last TV that we thought was lost. I chuckled since we have since gotten a new TV and have lost that remote as well. Where will I find it when this TV is long gone? I give a peek into the next drawer and see nothing…it is empty. Laughing I realize there IS in fact some space left in this packed house to cram more junk into.

An empty drawer, yeah, more space for junk!

I continue to open drawer by drawer looking for the right color napkins. As I continue to open them I peered down into one with a few school supplies in it that are left over from the back to school sales in August. I start to realize that over the years there has been less and less put into them.  These empty drawers are the very same ones that I couldn’t find another inch of space in when the kids were growing up. They are the very same drawers that collapsed several times in years past due to the weight of all the “necessary” supplies that kept the kids ahead of the game in school. All of the index cards for studying spelling words and crayons to keep them busy while I got things done around the house are now gone.

No more crayons... :0(

A proud feeling that my children are holding their own in school warmed me until I started remembering back to a time when I would curse loudly at the broken drawers that had crashed to the ground because of “school supply overload”  and all the swearing I did about how I couldn’t wait until we didn’t need this “junk” anymore…

Now the powerful weight of my thoughts and words draped over me like a wet blanket reminding me that I will never again see them belly down coloring on the floor while I cleaned around them. Along with the paper and crayons that filled these drawers,  those days are gone.

Oh how our own words are like a ringing bell…once it has tolled you can never un-ring it…and the sound, so distinct, is recalled with such clarity when you are reminded as I was by peering into the once filled drawer.

I wish I had never said those words…

I continued my search, found the napkins and quickly shut the drawers.

As I enter the kitchen to place the napkins on the counter I am quickly reminded of a few things:

One, my children had a good life because we had full drawers AND it got even better for them as they were slowly emptied over time. They are thriving well in a very tough world because of the lessons they learned from the items that lived in that one and a half foot by two and a half foot space in our overcrowded living room.

and two, over the years as my children became more independent not needing all my time, attention and the items in the drawers, I had more free time. Free time to join this group and receive yet another blessing and gift from the Big Guy upstairs…friends. The friends that filled the empty drawers in my heart and soul so that I too could thrive.

Remember, we never walk alone. We are always provided for in the most obscure ways. We only need to open our hearts and eyes to see.

So as our parents used to say…“I will repeat myself until you remember!”

So please do remember~

Treat your friends like family and your family like friends”

…and if you forget I will continue to remind you.


Thank you again for reading and please feel free to share the link to my blog with anyone you think may enjoy reading it. XO Kathy


If you want to start your own Bunco group, I will post a “How to” sometime this weekend so check back and I will have another tab at the top for you to click on and get the instructions…you won’t be sorry. If you do have a Bunco night of your own please send some pictures and stories to share here.  XO Kathy

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6 Responses to Empty Drawers and The Bunco Girls

  1. Cathy says:

    Thanks for another good one Kathy. I try to remember, but please keep reminding me. Miss you and love you!

  2. Jodie says:

    As someone trying to cherish and cling to the “belly down coloring on the floor” moments, this post touched me. Thanks Kathy!

  3. Renee says:

    I was lucky enough to have been babysat by, and spent my childhood as well as most of my early adulthood with the girl who writes this incredible blog…:-)

  4. Jeanne says:

    Since I’ve had Anna, Jessica and I have just forged a great relationship with 6 or so women who also have young children. I’ve never had friendships like these, and we joke that we’ll probably be at one another’s children’s weddings someday. I’d love to read your “How To”!

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